As property management company, Condominia Hausverwaltung Berlin UG can’t offer all services that might be necessary or interesting to a property owner in connection with his property.

Therefore, we keep contact to businesses and service providers in various industries in an interdisciplinary network, and we gladly refer property owners to the fitting service provider as needed.

This allows the client – if desired – saving his own time and effort to search for appropriate external service providers on-site.

Examples are:

If you would like to make constructional changes in your property unit, we establish contacts with architects, engineers, construction supervisors or craftsmen if needed, who can help you to realize your project.

If you are looking for tenants for your property unit, we will gladly refer you to real estate agent companies, which can take over the task to find tenants for you. Condominia Hausverwaltung Berlin UG itself does not provide brokerage services.

Also in the area of furnished rental, we can name you companies which can organize the furnishing and take care of the furnished rental for you.

We can further establish contact to tax advisers, notaries or translators for you as needed.

If in individual cases, the involvement of a lawyer becomes necessary, we are cooperating with external law firms.